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Last week 2015 Contest!
Hi friends :D Merry Christmas to you all ! May all your wishes come true :rose:
I have a little contest for you all : ) and it's going to be fast! Deadline is December 31st ! So here is a little challenge for you:
Snowflake If you could imagine "Toxicpanda" as a character, how would it look like? Snowflake 
So basicly you can paint Toxicpanda in any kind of way you prefer -any kind of design in any style. There are just few guidelines to make it look more like her.
White hair, dark clothes but likes cute things. She can be badass hero trying to save the world, or just a clumsy panda eating lots of sweets. It's up to you to decide! 
Here are some previous designs for your inspiration:

Ok the last one is not a character but I love it so  much! :D
snownoes Prizes!
:iconkristinatoxicpanda:KristinaToxicpanda 12 54
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[CONTEST CLOSED] Capture your dream and win!

Hi guys! Our team member Aadavy has prepared a pretty wicked contest for you all! Let’s take a look at that.
THEME: Dream. Yeah, it’s that simple. Create whatever you imagine when you hear this word. Capture what you dream about during sleep. Or your deepest nightmares that are able to make you wake up. Or something you want to achieve or what you’d like to happen even when you know it’s not possible…just your dream. This is an opportunity to show off your art skills and creativity with something personal to you!MEDIA ACCEPTED: Traditional and Digital art, Photography and Artisan crafts
DEADLINE: Last day of submission:  20.12.2015 you have got about 8 weeks to dream!  3rd January, 2016
23:59 p.m. CET (UTC+1)JUDGES: Team of Love-artists. Your deviatio
:iconking-co:King-Co 305 191
Masked despair by EleonoreC Masked despair :iconeleonorec:EleonoreC 381 91




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Heya! I'm Aryia.
I'm here because I'm very inspired by all the artworks and other media posted on DA. I am glad to have some friends here! I want to thank the DA community for inspiring me to draw <3 Yes I'm aware that sounds very cheesy, but it's true!

A bit about myself, my interests are: fantasy, movies, series, board games, drawing, hula hooping, socializing, creative stuff, animals, biology, photography and more! My greatest passion, by far, is hula hooping. YES hula hooping. You can do tons of crazy / fun stuff with a hoop. I'm actually giving free hula hoop workshops in my town :heart:

Feel free to ask questions and I'm usually up for a conversation :D I hope you enjoy your day ^^ :squee:

Commission info!I'm opening up point commissions as I'd love to practice new things! If you're interested, comment on this post or send me a note!
- 200 points

Simple coloring
- 400 points for 1 character

- 750 points for 2 characters
Advanced coloring
- Between 900 - 1200 points

Other info:
Bullet; Blue Payment: I will send a small image of the art to you, when payment is received I will upload a big version of it.
Bullet; Blue I will try to finish a commission within 1 week, maximum of 2 weeks
Bullet; Blue You will get a JPEG/PNG file
Bullet; Blue If you have ques

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In this journal I shall reflect on my DA activity, my purposes of using DA and my struggles in accomplishing what I aim for. I shall also provide my 'history' on my 'art sites' memberships in order to bring everything into perspective. This is the very first time I'm going to share my whole story, I've deliberately kept my accounts separate. Every time I started a new account I felt like approached 'the purpose of using art sites' differently than before. As if I needed a new chapter in my life. Looking back I'm not proud of having had around 5 different accounts on mostly two sites. I'm not proud because in the end all is connected to each other and all parts of it are worth sharing. By starting a new account it was easier to dive into something new - to be different and to focus on drawing different subjects than I was used to. However, by doing so, I hide a part of myself, of who I was. I no longer wish to do so. It has become very important to me to understand and philosophize about my activity on DA, but also my previous art site activities.

In 2006, when I was fifteen, I joined an art site for the very first time. I don't remember exactly how it started. I might have been searching for a community to share my most recent hobby - anime - or I might have specifically searched for sharing art online. Either way, I ended up making an account on For several years I kept the same account and I reveled in it. I was excited that people found my work and thoughts interesting enough to comment on it. I discovered that I could share a part of me that I hid in real life. I could be vulnerable, I could be insecure and I could experiment with my art that I'd never dared to do before. All was possible because a loving community was kind enough to embrace all things me. 

After a while I realized that drawing anime fan art was fun, but it was not enough. I wanted to create something original and the anime style felt too outlandish and difficult to create some anime OCs. I loved fantasy so I drew my first dragon. Before I knew it I was drawing many, many dragons. I couldn't stop. Because generally shared anime I felt a bit out of place with my art. I needed a community that shared my passion for dragons and thus I found DA. Any art form that I've been ever interested in can be found on DA. In other words, the inspiration is endless and I felt at home sharing my love of dragons. 

After some time I became less and less active on DA. At that time I did not really know what the cause was - did I become less interested in drawing? Did I make enough friends to always want to come back? Did I simply find a different hobby that caught my attention and time? Looking back I think it was a combination of things. I missed my old friends from theO (what I had built over 4 active years was now replaced by something empty I had to continuously work on to get where I wanted). Anyways, I had a long period of inactivity. After months I felt the compelled to try again. DA is fun, art is fun, why not become active again? Coming back to that first account felt weird. I did not know how to pick up the pieces that I had left, so many months before. Thus I decided to create a new account. It went well and I enjoyed it for a time again. As you may guess, I became inactive AGAIN. I returned to that account several times - trying in periods to become active again. Since DA did not work out I tried to become active at again - having made a new account there. Yet that was not it either. I joined a few other art sites as well - most of which I don't remember because I never was really active. 

A major difference during the tough time of staying active was that I had started university. I left my parents place, moved to a new city and found a new life. I felt free in my new environment. I felt at home. I felt I had finally met the people in life that had a similar mindset. I could finally pursue the 'me' I always wanted to be but did not know how to. My environment showed me what I loved and how to get there. What this meant in regards to art sites - is that I found a community with whom I felt completely at home. What I once could only found online I could also find it in real life. With the start of university life I also found new hobbies and passions. Thus, art moved to the background and at times it felt like I had completely forgotten about it.

As it may be, art proved to be still important to me as it called to me over time. I only drew about 3 weeks in a row per year. ... years ago I made this account, wishing that once and for all I could continue to draw and stay active. Aaaand then I had a period of inactivity. When I started art a few months ago I was extra determined to keep it up. In my daily life I become more and more aware of how sticking to a long term goal is much more powerful than having many short term goals. I evaluated all my hobbies and came to decide that if I had to choose to stick to a long term goal it would be art. It always came poking around the corner, always tugging at my sleeve to pay attention to it after abandoning it so many times. In addition, I realized that I could also practice my communication, networking, writing and marketing skills with DA. This is why I am so keen on staying active.

Staying active on DA is tough for me because:
- I draw only periodically
- I find it difficult to get to know people --> I no longer enjoy the superficial relationships with people --> i crave for deeper connections
- DA is huge (which make it:
                    - difficult to get to know people - you don't bump into the same people over and over again until you know them even if you don't talk to them (which happened at
                    - endless possibilities = your goal can feel endless = feel you'll never reach the goal
                    - activity has no bounds = if you become more active, you must become more active to keep up with all the notifications 
                    - easier to be picky to whom you befriend --> you became friends because you want to on first or second impression /meeting - not because you meet several times and discover you like each other
                    - people are less interested in the individual - they appreciate comments/favs/etc a lot - but may find that the 'community/popularity reaction' is more important than replying to the individual
- each time I use DA I'm confronted that I'm not really finding what I'm looking for / I don't understand what I'm looking for / I set my goals to high what I want to 'get out of DA'. Basically - I'm taking it too seriously which means I should simply focus on the fun
- I have other hobbies that are easier for me to pursue

If you've read the whole thing - woah. Or even a part - thank you so much. I'm glad I have written this journal entry! It has given me insights and I've made another step in the direction I want to go - active on DA =P The next step is to continue to comment on all your lovely submissions... I'll get to it (even if it may take a while)!


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